Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thepink of Thepoplook.com

Salam and morning guys,

for the several days i drafted this entry for thepoplooking contest,
 know why, because i have no idea to story about it. haha. BUT
deeply in my heart i really wanna that pink maxi dress ( with blushing cheeks..lululululu).
truly i never been buy anything stuff from thepoplook. but i already follow this facebook page and
always review their new stuff especially blouses and maxi. what are so nice of your fashions. i realy love it.
why do i love it. Each time i open up your page, my eyes being blink* blink* with the passionate colours of your product. So sweet in my eyes. With the great and elegance designs that suitable for the Muslim like me, make me adorable about your cloths.

Sweet rite. If i wear it become more and more sweet girl ahh. What so shame of me. Im totally craziest for pinkish stuff. No wonder why i prefer that dress. Seems so nice and feminim look likes. that the main power of poplook rite.  and................

when i match it with this trendy cardigan, hohoho, can u imaging that, what a pretty of me. dont be so jelaousy ya people. even i never got this item, but my mind can draw how i look like, it is im rite poplook?
dont forget, that thepoplook have other stuffs than cloths. to make over your apperance just grab the cute accessories amd then styling on your body. Simple right? so what waiting for. Lets visit thepoplook.com and enjoy it.

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