Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Life or Iphone?


tuesday twist. today i wanna write my pinkish blog in international language. sometimes visit the other blogs that used english through their writing make me feel and talk to myself "why not me try too". its nothing gonna wrong and no one will blame or scold me. just if there's a mistakes, so with big hands please..please leave your criticsm comments. i will learn to improve my second language. thank you. hehe.

Iphone. for the iphone user like me, we absolutely and really take good care with our iphone right. If we're give chances which one you prefer to save your life. i surely almost said "you can take all my money but not my iphone" right? haha. "We want iphone..we want iphone" ( with sign board demonstration) Ghheezz..

important to alert by iphone users that the surface of iphone is made of glasses. so the probably broken when it felt down is 90% depends on how high its drop. Me, first time let my iphone falling down without willing when i keep it on my lap when driving and suddenly forgotten i get out of my car and OOOUUCCHH..it lying down on the road. YaAllah, i whispher to myself. Please2 dont be anything happens to my "life".  Fortune, just a little bit crashs and break up at the back. Fuhh.

From that day, i really surely 99% be carefull handling my iphone. its my life. without my iphone i die. Cheewwaahh.
Review the video and picture below that bring meaning how valuable your iphone than you!

IMPORTANT: not only iphone or samsung, even other valuable things of us must be take good care, so nothing to be regret. He.

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